Mandir: The Temple

Why do we need Mandirs?

The Mandir (temple) is a social institution. In the past Indian temples were not only places of worship but were the very focus of society. They served as a centre of culture and education, a charitable institution, a feeding house, a hospital and an art gallery, all in one. The temple is thus a unique institution, the like of which cannot be matched. The mechanical performance of ritual without understanding is of no spiritual value. The purpose of ritual is to enable one to achieve deeper concentration and be engrossed in divine thoughts, thereby securing spiritual advancement. A Mandir represents the body of God - a living body. It is a supernatural structure; its every part is sacred and holy. This explains why dirty footwear is removed on entering a mandir. In a mandir you will find Idols, Aum sign, Bells, Conch (sea shell), Jyoti (Sacred flame), Coconut and Fruit Mandir Opening times:

Morning Opens 8.00 am  Closes 1.00 pm

Afternoon Opens: 4.00 pm Closes 8.30pm

Aarti: Morning 10.00 am   Evening 7.00 pm.

Ram mandir Leicester has many deities, All the photogrpahs of the deities are listed on the left please click to view.